Touch ID Embedded in the Power Key of the iPad Air 4, According to Apple, A Wonder of Engineering

Speaking in a podcast, Apple’s vice president of hardware engineering, John Ternus, stated that the Touch ID integrated into the power key on the iPad Air 4 is an engineering marvel. .

John Ternus, Apple’s vice president of hardware engineering and Bob Borchers, vice president of product marketing, who recently participated in iJustine and Jenna Ezarik’s podcast titled Same Brain, made remarkable statements about the new iPad Air 4.

As you know, Apple held a new launch event in the middle of last month (September 15), and presented the new iPad Air 4 to consumers with many products at this event. The iPad Air 4, whose design was inspired by the new iPad Pro, promised users a high performance with Apple A14 processor and a good visual experience with its 10.9-inch screen.

The new iPad Air did not have a physical home button, as the iPad Air 4 came out with a design with extremely thin bezels. This required the fingerprint reader, which is the biometric security of the device, to be located in a different place.

Apple took Touch ID from the home button on the new iPad Air and integrated it into the power button above. In other words, when iPad Air 4 owners press the power button to turn on the screen of their device, the device will simultaneously scan their fingerprints and users will be able to start using the device directly without encountering a lock screen.

John Ternus said, “The upper part of the device is the antenna in SIM card supported iPads”, therefore, while integrating the fingerprint scanner into the power button, they actually integrate the device’s antenna, and therefore, it is necessary to work intensively so that the two hardware does not interfere with each other. stated that it was an engineering wonder.

According to Ming-Chi Kuo, who previously leaked many Apple products, Apple plans to introduce Touch ID integrated into the power key to many more iPad models in the future. As you can imagine, we will only be able to find out if this leak is true or not, when the new iPads come to light in 2021.


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